Event: Membership Meeting Northfield Inn, Springfield

Please join us for our 2nd Quarter Membership Meeting in Springfield.  We are going to start the meeting at 11:00am.  After the meeting, we will be having a picnic beginning at 1:00pm (See details below).  We will also be having an activity after the picnic.


Northfield Inn
3280 Northfield Drive
Springfield, IL
Knights Action Park
1700 Recreation Drive
Springfield, IL
Food and beverages will be provided.
Choice of Activities
Knights Action Park
1700 Recreation Drive
Springfield, IL
The Knights Action Park activity will include water attractions and mini golf.
Abe Lincoln Museum
500 E. Madison
Springfield, IL
The Abe Lincoln Museum attraction is a choice but will also be used as a back up for all in case of rain.
A block of rooms has been reserved at the Northfield Inn. Please make your own reservations by contacting the Northfield Inn at 217-523-7900.  Illinois C.O.P.S. will cover the cost of one room per surviving family household/board member for those staying over Saturday night. Illinois C.O.P.S. will also cover the cost of staying at the Northfield Inn on Friday, August 23, 2019 for those that are coming more than 90 miles.  If you need to cancel your reservation please do so to avoid cancellation fees, the chapter will not be responsible for unused rooms and cancellation fees.
Please RSVP for the meeting and picnic.  Looking forward to seeing you there!