Registration for the 14th Annual CYCLE ACROSS ILLINOIS benefiting IL COPS is now open!

14th Annual CYCLE ACROSS ILLINOIS benefiting IL COPS

The 14th Annual Cycle Across Illinois benefiting IL COPS will take place Thursday, July 19 – Sunday July 22, 2018.  Wednesday, July 18th will be the travel to and dinner/safety meeting in Pontoon Beach, IL.
The Cycle Across Illinois bicycle ride recognizes and honors the extraordinary contributions of law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty.

We will be riding for:

2017 Illinois Officers
Police Officer Raymond Murrell
EOW: 01/19/2017   Bloomingdale PD
Trooper Ryan M. Albin
EOW: 06/28/2017   Illinois State Police
Police Officer Bernie Domagala 
EOW: 09/05/2017   Chicago PD
Correctional Officer Kevin J Brewer
EOW: 10/14/17 Will County SO
Police Officer Andre VanVegten
EOW: 11/02/2017 Chicago PD
Police Officer Jaimie Cox
EOW: 11/05/2017 Rockford PD
Sergeant Allan Mollsen
EOW: 09/28/1986 Lombard PD


10 Year Anniversary Officers
Police Officer Richard M. Francis   
EOW: 07/02/2008   Chicago PD
Police Officer Nathaniel Taylor, Jr.   
EOW: 09/28/2008   Chicago PD
Police Officer Frank Paul Russo   
EOW: 11/01/2008   Schaumburg PD
Detective Joseph M. Airhart, Jr.   
EOW: 11/04/2008   Chicago PD

This is a charity ride that raises money and awareness for the Illinois Chapter of Concerns Of Police Survivors, which includes the surviving family members, loved ones and co-workers of fallen officers. This ride has become an annual journey for all our riders, especially our survivors.

During our ride, we will be in the presence of families, homes and departments of fallen police officers. We will respect the privacy and confidentiality of our survivors.

We will ride and work together as a team. Our support drivers, escort officers and ride captains are responsible for coordinating and protecting the ride, and riders will follow their lead. Since we will be approximately 60 riders, we will ride as a pack and will do our absolute best to remain on schedule. We expect to maintain an average speed of 12-17 mph.  

For this year’s ride we will be travelling over 330 miles.  

  • Ride Day 1 – Alton to Springfield will be approximately 92 miles
  • Ride Day 2 – Springfield to Normal will be approximately 75 miles
  • Ride Day 3 – Normal to Romeoville will most likely will be 100 plus miles
  • Ride Day 4 – We will end in Chicago after riding approximately 63 miles.

Also we will be doing the three-day pre-ride from Metropolis to Pontoon Beach.  These riders will meet in Metropolis on Monday, July 16th, start their ride on Tuesday, July 17th and complete the ride in Pontoon Beach on Wednesday, July 18th.  While we know that several of you would like to do this extra three-day ride we are going to limit participation to 10 experienced cyclists.  No first year riders will be accepted on this ride.  The final route has not been determined but will be around 200 additional miles before the regular ride starts on Thursday, July 19th.  We are also limiting the number of support people.  The riders will not have any advanced support team or bike mechanic.  Individuals wishing to take part and have been accepted into the pre-ride will be required to raise additional funding.

Riders who cannot keep up with the pace and who begin to slow the pack will, out of respect for the group’s schedule, take a break from riding and get in a support truck until they are ready to rejoin the group at the group’s pace. Riders must be physically capable of completing the ride and riding in challenging conditions (hills, wind, rain, and heat).  Due to safety concerns, riders who need repeated assistance from other riders will not be allowed to continue the ride.

Due to safety, we do not allow day riders. Because we may have to limit the number of riders, it is imperative that you train and are prepared to ride the entire distance.

Occasionally, due to hills, climbs and rider performance, the riding group may spread out. However, for safety, we will resume our pack riding ASAP. For the safety of the group, riders who break away from the group, either faster or slower, will be asked to adjust their riding or will ride in the support truck.

Each day will include schedule breaks with a few optional short breaks if needed.  We generally do not travel over 25 miles without a break.  At each break, riders will have an opportunity to refill bottles and stock up on nourishments.  They will also be briefed on any upcoming destinations, including the expected route, survivors, distance, conditions, etc. 

Riders will need to arrange their own transportation to Pontoon Beach, IL on Wednesday, July 18th and after the finish on Sunday, July 22nd in Chicago, IL.  There is a mandatory safety meeting for all participants (riders and support) after dinner on Wednesday, July 18th.  Times and location will be announced closer to the ride.

As stated earlier in this email, this is a charity ride.  Each participant (cyclist) must raise a minimum of $700.00 for the ride.  This year we are asking our support members to raise a minimum of $400.00.  Pre-Ride participants will be required to raise an additional $200.00.  

Here is what you need to do now:
All participants must complete and submit the online application by March 31, 2018.  Please make sure that on the top of the registration page it says “2018 Illinois C.O.P.S. Cycle Across Illinois – APPLICATION”.  You will receive an email confirming your application was received within three to five days.

When completing your on-line application please make sure to indicate if you are fundraising as an individual or if you will be part of a team, please ensure that all members of the team enter the same team name.

A deposit of $175.00 must be submitted and received by April 30, 2018. Checks are to be made out to “IL COPS” and mailed to:
    Concerns Of Police Survivors-Cycle Across Illinois
    PO Box 4312
    Wheaton, IL 60189

If we are not able to accept all applicants on the ride, those who are not accepted on the ride will have their deposit refunded.  If you are accepted on the ride and later withdraw, the deposit will not be refunded.

The ride committee will review every application. We will consider if you have been on the ride before, if you are a survivor, law enforcement officer, etc. The committee expects each applicant is confirming their physical ability to complete the ride under rigorous conditions.

The participant list will be compiled and a stand-by list will also be made.  This list will be kept in order of the dates that applications and deposits were received.

Once your participation has been confirmed you will be given a link to accept donations online.  We encourage the use of the online donations to make accounting easier and you do not have to worry about collecting and mailing checks or money orders. You will be responsible for collecting off-line donations and then forwarding them ASAP to the above PO Box.  When submitting checks to the PO Box you must clearly indicate whom the money is for (individual name or team name) otherwise it goes into a miscellaneous fund file.

DO NOT MAIL IN CASH TO THE PO BOX.  The only way we will accept cash is if three people are present to count the money and sign a receipt. This is very difficult to do, so please don’t do it

When you are fund raising and want to use the IL COPS logo on any of your fundraising flyers, letters, ect you must get approval from IL COPS.  All artwork and design of the finished product should be submitted and approved by the executive board before production of merchandise, flyers, etc.  Logo use is prohibited until approval of all artwork.  You also need to read and complete the attached “Request For Use Of Logo Of Illinois Chapter Of Concerns Of Police Survivors, Inc. and Release” form.  Then mail it to the address on the form.  

The minimum money must be raised by June 01, 2018.  Those who do not meet the minimum fundraising requirement by the due date may not be allowed to participate in the ride. It is imperative that this minimum amount be made on time as we have expenses that need to be paid prior to the ride.  Any individuals or group fundraising that cannot meet the minimum amount by the deadline must get prior authorization from the Ride Committee (No Exceptions).  Positions vacated by riders who failed to raise the minimum amount by the deadline will be considered as not wishing to participate and maybe be replaced by riders who are on the standby list. Most riders raise well in excess of the minimum, and we strongly encourage every rider to continue their fundraising efforts beyond the minimum, which helps further the mission of our organization.

We have tried to arrange for survivors, local community groups, police departments, FOPS or local colleges to host us for a complimentary break, meal or even overnight. As their guests, we are extremely grateful for their generosity and hospitality.   

This ride has become a journey filled with challenges and support.  The survivors receive great inspiration from the fellow riders, supporters and drivers…people who have left their own families to help survivors.  On behalf of Illinois survivors and the COPS chapter, thank you for your interest in joining us!!

In the near future, you will receive more information.  

Please click to register!

The Ride Committee