NPW and Survivor Information

NPW and Survivor Information

Hello Survivors!

Every February, the C.O.P.S. National Office mails National Police Week (NPW) information and registration material to all registered survivors.  If you are a new survivor, please make sure you are registered by contacting the national office.  Some law enforcement agencies may have registered their survivors, but it is still a good idea to verify the information with the national office.  It’s also important to confirm ALL family members are identified.  If you have not received your information by March, contact the national office at 573-346-4911.

If a survivor has already confirmed they are registered with COPS, they can visit the national COPS website and register online for National Police Week.  Survivors may also receive information from other organizations that are involved in NPW activities:  The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (host of the Candlelight Vigil) and the Grand Lodge Fraternal Order of Police (The FOP and their Auxiliary host the Annual National Peace Officers Memorial Service on May 15th of every year at the U.S. Capitol).

The Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA is referred to as “The Host” hotel where the survivor conferences takes place and the shuttle service leaves for the Candlelight Vigil, National Memorial Service and other events.  All first year survivors are strongly encouraged to stay at the host hotel and attend the conference sessions.  Room rates are generally $169.00/night + tax.  Some agencies, FOP’s or associations may cover this expense for first year survivors. The Illinois Chapter will provide some financial assistance for survivors during or after attending NPW.

Additionally, the Illinois chapter has had survivors who assisted our new families while at NPW, and we will continue this for NPW 2018.  If you have any questions, or would like to speak with a fellow survivor, please contact any board member.


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